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Binary options – the best top robots – comparison

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Software and design – AutoPilot made in France

Binary Options trading autopilot

Compatibile platforms:

  • OptionWeb
  • StockPair
  • BancDeBinary

Software and design – made in Denmark

Binary Option Robot Danish Design

Compatibile platforms:

BancDeBinary, 24option, Binary8, Tradorax, Finpari,
500option, EmpireOption, BancoCapital, PlusOption,
Bloombex, RBinary,, OptionFair, Exbino,
TradeRush, Redwood, LBinary, GOptions, RBoptions,
CherryTrade, No1Options, Porter Finance, BinaryGlobes

Software and design – made in France

Binary Options Robot French Design

Compatibile platforms:

  • StockPair
  • BossCapital
  • 24option
  • Tradorax


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Currently there are 3 the best binary options robots for auto trading

Finally you can relax – you can now make money while you sleep. Try these 3 robots for free.

Binary Option Robot – it is an automated trading software. It is very easy to use. No prior trading knowledge is required. You do not have to be online when the trades are executed.

You have nothing to lose because fully functional basic versions of these softwares are for free. Everyone is happy. You have access to sophisticated software. It will help you to make money. Company who owns the software receive a commission if you sign up to recommended broker.

Why using a robot for currency trading?

The robot is programmed to automatically trade currency pairs, indices, and assets through binary option platforms. It’s perfect for busy people who would like to benefit from currency markets. Time is money. You do not have to spend time to analyse charts. You do not have to make a decision by yourself. Just set up the robot at autotrading and just forget.

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Binary Option Robot is using signals from a highly sophisticated algorithm. It compares a huge amount of trading data from the previous years to predict the market changes. We execute the trades on behalf of our Binary Option Robot users. It is compatible with the best binary option brokers for high profits and maximum winning rates.
Robots provide secure and simple service for traders who doesn’t have time. If you do not have time to trade, automated software can do it for you. It is the right choice for you. It is the ideal choice not only for beginners. You do not have to be connected to the internet. It’s different from signals providers where you have to execute trades by yourself based on signal.

Why you should be using a trading assistance program like Binary Options Robot:

If you are regularly trading binary options and you are currently using any type of assistance, you should strongly consider the use of free trading platform assistance such as Binary Options Robot. This platform is currently one of the most formidable binary products used for trading binary options. With a mass compatibility for trading with multiple brokers, this binary software collects data on various markets and generates binary signals on different trading assets. This binary software is considered as safe and successful binary software.

Binary Options Robot can help traders to perform semi-automatic trades in the binary options market as well as receive ongoing advice and alerts for profitability. The Binary Options Robot system can help to speed up the process of trades as well as help traders and investors to perform trades with less emotion.

The problem of emotional trades is that they can go against any kind of trading strategy and not always minimise losses in trading. With the help of a guided program with a set trading strategy, traders can follow their own path to profitability while minimising all of their losses.

Setting up Binary Options Robot is very simple as well. With a list of conditions traders can control and monitor up to 50 assets at a time as well as set a maximum amount of trades and a loss point for the day. With these levels of control as well as the amount of data collection that the software provides, it can take a lot of the thinking process out of binary options trade and just make it profitable.

Binary Optin Robot settings

The big advantages of using Binary Options Robot:

  • Minimising losses: the settings available in Binary Options Robot are designed to help traders to minimise losses throughout any trading day. Traders can set a profitability scale for any time period as well as cut off the max number of trades that they complete in a day. This can help to minimise losses due to transaction fees as well as losses that can come as a result of a poor investment day.
  • Improved information: From the second, this binary system is set up to bring import data from all of outlined assets and brokerage accounts traders are registered with. Not only can the program track the assets traders commonly trade, but it can handle speculation for years through its data collection. With the help of powerful long-term data at traders disposal, they can prepare for market trends as well as learn about a promising investment opportunity early on.
    Improved security: With some other types of binary software management on trading platforms traders can run into issues of security. Binary Options Robot is consistently updating to protect their traders from all of the latest security vulnerabilities. With this type of improved security traders can enjoy a greater level of confidence and have better trading experience.
  • Binary Trade approval: This unique feature in the form of a pop-up window will let traders know about a new and trending trade with an expiry period. Binary Options Robot can let a trader know about an amazing opportunity so that he can execute the trade at the right time for profits that may be outside of his trading strategy. Because the system can constantly monitor binary options markets on 50 assets, traders can get alerts for incoming profitable trades that he can make throughout the day. As it would be nearly impossible for a human to monitor all of these assets, having these popups will help traders make more profitable single trades in a day!